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What to Know

Our expertise in Manitoba's Cretaceous stratigraphy and vertebrate paleontology can be yours for hire! Covering everything from Heritage Impact Resource Assessments (HRIA), to Rare Earth Elements and Oil & Gas pipelines, we have the experience that you seek to get the job done and on time; Our experience in museum exhibitory can elevate your Museum and/or Aquarium display to new levels, and Pembina Paleontology is the choice of professionals in the Film and Entertainment Industry! Contact us for more information on your particular needs. 

Geological Consultation

From Rare Earth Elements to Oil & Gas, our unparalleled field experience within Manitoba's Cretaceous sequence makes Pembina Paleontology your ideal consultants to see your project through. Click below to find out more about our services! 


Heritage Resource Impact Assessment (HRIA)

Through the Manitoba Heritage Act of 1987, most earthworks that are planned in Manitoba near established fossil bearing horizons will require a Heritage Resource Impact Assessment (HRIA). With over 30 years of combined professional paleontology experience, our team is uniquely suited to acquire the proper heritage permits, provide fossil resource management plans, impact evaluations and mitigation plans, construction monitoring and data capture, stratigraphy and fossil preparation. 

Film Advisory Consultation

We offer a variety of paleontology services for the film and gaming industry. From our expertise in dinosaur and marine reptile paleontology, your creative team will flourish with authenticity in their designs! From pre-production concepts to on-set guidance and post-production follow through, your next dinosaur film will roar to the front of the line! Contact us about your customized project. 

Film Clapboard

Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums 

Is your institution planning a new dinosaur exhibit, or that truly unique aquarium theme that represents the Cretaceous Seas of Manitoba? Is your school, club, or podcast searching for a guest speaker on fossils/dinosaurs/geology? Our paleontologists can be hired as guest speakers to your special event, monthly meeting, etc., or as consultants to bring scientific accuracy to your concepts and elevate them to world-class innovations!  

Project Portfolio

Atlas 2027

This seven year project is to renew the Geological Atlas of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, published by the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. Pembina Paleontology has been invited to author the Paleontology of Manitoba chapter of Atlas 2027, which will be one of the most extensive geological treatises ever published!


North American strategic minerals inc.

Our unmatched field expertise was utilized to provide field investigations and chip samples for geochemical analysis from specific stratigraphic targets. 

pfs interpretations ltd.

Pembina Paleontology was contracted to provide rock samples from specific stratigraphic targets for geophysical studies. As a result, we have since entered into a formal joint ongoing research project with this company! 

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pilot mound & district museum

For this museum consultation, Pembina Paleontology provided rock and fossil identification services and display assistance. 

For more information and other inquiries contact us

"Joseph Hatcher at Pembina Paleontology has advised us on our program in southern Manitoba and has provided excellent assistance in helping us understand the detailed geology and stratigraphy of this region for the benefit of our exploration efforts."

-Michael Thomsen, Chairman and Founding Director
North American Strategic Minerals Inc.
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