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Sieving for Treasures


Pembina Paleontology is the NATURAL SELECTION of consultants for your next earth science project.

History of Pembina Paleontology

Established in 2021, Pembina Paleontology was envisioned by Anita and Joseph Hatcher; vertebrate paleontologists with over 25 years of excavating and research experience . Wanting to offer exceptional fossil dig experiences with research as a primary basis for the digs, Pembina Paleontology was formed. The company is based out of Manitoba's picturesque Pembina Valley! Fossil excursions centre around the Manitoba Escarpment primarily in the Cretaceous rocks dating to 80 million years ago. The company is named after the fossiliferous beds in the area known as the Pembina Member of the Pierre Shale.


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Experiencing Fossils with Pembina Paleontology
2023 Photo Gallery

"I had wanted to be a paleontologist when I was a child and Joe and Anita gave me the chance to finally have a glimpse into what that life might have been like. Through Joe’s gentle and patient guidance in the field and Anita’s thoughtful organization behind the scenes, we hiked and dug and hiked and dug some more. No question seemed too naive or fleck on a rock too insignificant. Yes, we did get very dirty but it was a truly physical experience that got us out of heads, taking us into the ancient past through the here and now. And that is so rare in today’s world."

Diana Clarke, Manitoba, Canada

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