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Crime Scene Investigator

Murder in the Badlands

Paleontology is not just about "ancient" history but is full of it's own recent history. The Bone Wars are one of the most unbelievable rivalries of two famous paleontologists, Cope and Marsh. The rivalry between the two even included dynamite to blast the other's fossil site!

This murder mystery will explore a fictional murder set in the time of the Bone Wars providing the participants with a look into the cut throat historical past of paleontology.

Curriculum Outcomes

Recommended Grades: 5-8

Manitoba Curriculum: Social Studies 


  • Grade 5: People and Stories of Canada to 1867

  • Grade 8: World History: Societies of the Past

Murder in the Badlands


 Monday - Friday

Between 9:00 am & 2:30 pm


45 minutes

Max Number of Participants





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